Alu. foil 30µ or 37µ

Alu. foil 30µ or 37µ

Soft temper embossed aluminum lids for dairy products, water cups, jams and honey .It can seal against wide variety of plastic materials and glass (polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester and polyvinylchloride) provides good seal strength and can work for easy opening or easy peel.

Two layers lidding material

Alu. foil / PET / HSL & PET / Alu. foil / HSL

High quality rotogravure printed materials , the special specification of the polyester film provide high tear resistance and very good adhesion , these categories are suitable for water cups , jams , honey , chocolates.


Mix PAP ( Coated paper / PET metalized / Heat seal lacquer )

Heat sealable lidding laminate coated paper and metalized plastic film for Rotogravure and Flexographic printing of yogurt lids and dairy products.

Alu. foil / PE & Alu foil / CPP

Plain laminate film suitable for polypropylene and polyethylene containers like Milky cream, chocolate, Hair creams , It provides very high seal strength and the polyethylene category has high hot tack ability.

PET / PE and PET / CPP

Printed or unprinted covers or lids for Halawa tihinia, Tahina, frozen chickens plastic containers.

PET / PET / Heat seal lacquer

 Regular and special application polyester laminate for lidding purposes, seal against different plastic materials and food foil trays and cup cakes.